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Urban Yoga Spa ~ Seattle, WA

My favorite exercise for my body and mind is hot yoga and there is no better studio in all of Seattle than Urban Yoga Spa.   Their Power Vinyasa class is intense, difficult, and so very rewarding.  It is almost a contradiction on how relaxing and hard the hour-long session is.  Kathy, one of my favorite instructors, rhythmically instructs you through your positions with a flow that makes you zone in and your muscles shake.   The heat in the room releases toxins, tension, and stress while helping you to extend your ligaments and muscles.  Personally, I have never felt as fulfilled as I do when I’m in class regularly.  I sleep better, sit taller, have more flexibility and endurance, and my mood and self esteem improves.

Aesthetically, the large studios are modern with clean white walls and simple gray floors.  The front reception is a great place for classmates to gather to cool down and catch-up.  I’ve  heard the spa is amazing and will be trying it out in the near future, so look for our review to be out soon.   Urban Yoga Spa is in the heart of downtown  and if you come with a friend the first class is complimentary, so there are no excuses.

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