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An Energy Star Building!

One of my buildings was awarded the coveted Energy Star Label today!   In order for us to qualify for the ENERGY STAR award, we had to earn a 75 or higher on EPA’s 1-100 energy performance scale, indicating that our facility performs better than at least 75% of similar buildings nationwide.   This is a great feat for any property reach the this standard of energy efficiency.

To reach our goal we had to make sure we were using the best and most ecofriendly lighting, low energy appliances, and educating the  building occupants on the effect they could have by turning off computers, lights, and unnecessary equipment to reduce consumption.  We utilized rebate programs from the Seattle City Light to upgrade our HVAC and lighting control system to have an optimal start time, switched out energy-hog lighting with new LED bulbs in our lobby and elevators to keep the overall costs down and obtain a better ROI.   We knew we had to be part of the change since electricity use in commercial buildings and industrial facilities accounts for almost half of all energy consumption in the United States today  and costs over $200 billion per year.  On top of that, commercial buildings and manufacturing plants are also responsible for nearly half of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.  Our building’s energy reduction means less carbon in carbon in our atmosphere, less money our tenants spend to operate their businesses, and creating a better bottom line for everyone.  Find out what your office building is doing to be a better steward of the Earth and your community.

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