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Sustainable Red ~ Parducci

We have been on the hunt for delectable local, organic wines for some time and it hasn’t been until recently that we have stumbled onto some very good ones.  One in particular is Parducci’s Sustainable Red from California’s Mendocino County.  Parducci has committed themselves to sustainable winegrowing practices and is the first carbon neutral winery in the USA.

Parducci’s ecofriendly methods allow them to produce top quality grapes for their wines while protecting the environment.  It just makes sense that sustainable farming practices result in healthier soil, balanced grapes and higher quality wines. Any other fruit they include in their wine making is sourced from the finest family farms which in turn help support their local community and economy.  The vineyard prides themselves on using 100% green power to produce their wine, recycling 100% of the winery’s waste water via an on site wetland, and finishing  and distributing the bottles in earth friendly packaging.

Parducci hasn’t  just received awards for amazing wines, but for California’s highest environmental award, the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in 2007 and 2009.  You can order direct online or pick it up from your local Whole Foods for about $12.  

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