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Grapefruit + Bergamot All Purpose Cleaner ~ Sapadilla

Sapadilla’s plant-based, biodegradable, ecofriendly cleaners are heaven! A dollop of these highly concentrated cleaners can clean everything from your kitchen, floors, bathroom, or your outdoor Adirondack chairs. This eco-cleaner company is knocking green cleaning out of the park. We use our Full Circle home Grunge Buster brush with these highly effective, sugar based products, that are infused with gorgeous essential oils. The office and our homes have never looked or smelled better. Do yourself a favor and pickup this modern, green cleaner for your house, your family and friends will be impressed.


Grunge Buster ~ Full Circle Home

Spring cleaning has been in full swing for the last month. We have been trying green tools and environmentally friendly cleaners left and right to bring you the best. Our favorite tool for the shower has been the Grunge Buster, a grout and tile brush by, Full Circle Home. The bamboo handle on this cleaning tool is perfect for scrubbing tile and that always hard to clean grout. The brush itself is made out of recycled plastic and has softer outer bristles for the tile and tougher inner bristles for the grout. Simply stand it on its end when you’re done for it to dry quick and discourage bacteria buildup. We have a rectangle sink in the office and at home, this brush is also perfect for cleaning out the creases then tend to collect buildup in this shape of sink.  We give this eco-fabulous, sustainable tool our green stamp approval.  You can secure your Grout Buster through Amazon or on Full Circle Home for a steal, at $6.

Adirondack Chairs ~ The Generation Line

We have been lounging on our eco-fabulous Adirondack chairs by C.R. Plastic Products every day possible this spring.  These ergonomically designed chairs are as comfortable as they are stylish.  The Generation Line is plastic, but not the flimsy, lightweight, stackable chairs that are seen on most decks.  They have reinvented the classic wood Adirondack chair into a green product crafting it with solid “plastic lumber” that will last for decades.  Of course this just isn’t any plastic being used, it is unwanted material that is destined for a landfill, but instead being recycled into a sturdy plastic.  This also means that the end-user doesn’t have to worry about splitting, cracking, rotting, or peeling wood that the elements would have on traditional Adirondack chairs.

You can choose from an array of 15 different designer colors and you don’t have to worry about them cracking, peeling, rotting, or splitting.   We chose the gorgeous bright orange that is not only my favorite hue, but it pops against the green garden.  It was easy to assemble with two people and the You Tube video the company posted to assist makes it even more simple.

C.R. Plastic Products has been creating beautiful, functional designs from recycled  plastics since 1994. Their eco-friendly operation has expanded from a small family business to selling their eco-friendly products worldwide. Creating new goods made from recycled materials helps to conserve finite resources and lessen our waste.  As we, at Living Aware, have advocated to our faithful readers, if we all purchase recycled products we all keep the green cycle turning.   We are elated that C.R. Plastic Products shares our same ideals.  We appreciate their quality, hand-crafted, maintenance free, durable, environmentally friendly products and their chic, classic design.  If you’re in the market for outdoor furniture, this is the place to go.

Yard Sale ~ Hood Canal, WA

Today we shopped the plethora of Memorial weekend yard sales around Lake Cushman off of Hood Canal. This annual event spreads across neighborhoods of mostly retirees looking to purge, as well as donate to the grand kids college fund. We all scored finding items we wanted, needed, and just thought were fun.

I got a great pair of cake pans for 20 cents, yes you heard me 20 cents. I also picked up a great wood bowl that we are using for almonds as we speak for $1. My fabulous find for the day was a lap desk in an awesome red-orange color with a firm ergonomic pillow underneath for $2! I was literally going to buy one of these this weekend for writing on-the-go and I am positive I would have paid a lot more. The more important part is that I will use and appreciate this board and keep it out of a landfill.

We all did our part today to recycle great items and reuse them. You too can save money and natural resources by shopping used first, you won’t be disappointed.


The French Laundry Garden ~ Yountville, CA

Napa Valley attracts visitors year round for the spectacular vineyards and wine tastings. A must-see that may not be on everyone’s radar, but should be, is the very large and impressive garden for the world-renowned French Laundry restaurant. The garden is directly across from Thomas Keller’s establishment and is open to the public. The farm has everything from herbs to strawberries to chickens and brings ‘farm to table’ to a level above the rest. The garden is gorgeous and will inspire the most novice to start growing their own edibles.

Rosemary & Peppermint Countertop Cleanser ~ Sapadilla

Every countertop in our house is clean and sparkling from this fabulous plant-based cleanser made by the very green, Sapadilla.  This eco-friendly company uses alkyl polyglucoside, a naturally derived and highly effective sugar as the cleaning agent in all of their products.  The rest of the ingredients are made from renewable resources like coconut, palm and corn oil, as well as 100% pure essential oil blends without synthetic additives.  The aroma of the Rosemary & Peppermint is fresh, clean, light, and probably the best smelling cleaning product I’ve ever used.  Sapadilla, makes their products in small batches to guarantee quality and consistency here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  The boutique company never tests on poor little animals and is free of harsh or questionable chemicals.  If we haven’t convinced you already, they contribute 1% of all revenues to 1% For The Planet.

Side note:  The Full Circle Home Cellulose Cloths are the perfect tool to use with this amazing product.

Weed Remover ~ Fiskars

20120513-122352.jpgWe are elated to have found the perfect weed remover for our yard. The Fiskars Weed Remover makes it so easy to pull weeds from the lawn  without the use of harmful and toxic pesticides. The stainless steel claws do an amazing job of pulling the entire plant with the root to ensure they don’t pop back up in the future. There is no bending over or kneeling with this light, easy to use garden tool. I did my entire yard barefoot in less than 10 minutes! This is the best $38 you can spend for keeping your lawn looking great without harming the environment.

Lean & Mean Scrub Brush ~ Full Circle Home

I am loving Full Circle Home’s Lean and Green scrub brush.  I used this brush to clean our outdoor teak furniture.  The handle was incredibly comfortable and easier to maneuver than the ‘typical’ handle brush.  The tough bristles did the job quickly and effortlessly.  The Lean  and Mean stands up on its end for quick drying.  Made out of post consumer and post industrial recycled plastic, the unique design helps to prevent bacteria buildup.  We have hooks in our home and office to keep things from piling up.  Full Circle Home is on the same page we are, they placed a convenient hole on end of the brush to hang it up and store.  Don’t fret if you have a real mess that needs a scrub, the lean mean scrub brush can be washed safely in the dishwasher.   Pick yours up at Amazon for $13.

Cellulose Cleaning Cloths ~ Full Circle Home

Full Circle Home sells these eco-fabulous cellulose cleaning cloths to replace your old dated and wasteful paper towels.  These reuseable cloths are plant-based and biodegradable, but sturdy enough to be freshened up in the dishwasher or in boiling water.  I use them in my office kitchen to wipe up annoying coffee spills and to do the dishes.   We use them at home too on the counters, for spills, wiping dishes down, everywhere.   They are sold in pack with three cheerful colors; sun, sea, and a scarlet.  The cloths dry like any sponge but with a dab of water they come to life again.  Be green and save green, these handy cloths are only $6 on Amazon.

A ‘Green’ Potted Garden

As many of you know, I prepped and planted several vegetable and herb pots this past weekend to prepare for our first small edible garden.  I picked up our organic veggies and herbs from Swansons Nursery and  planted them in dark,  nutritious 100% natural compost and potting soil from Cedar Grove.   Over the past couple days I have been admiring them getting stronger and established in their new home.  It makes me smile every time I see our new container garden.  I hope everyone decides to grow an edibles this year, even if it is just a small pot of basil in the kitchen window.  Here are some tips for getting your own potted garden started.

  • To get started we reused terra-cotta pots that were going to be thrown out of a building downtown for our containers.  Shop Goodwill, Habitat of HumanityEarthWise, or any other second-hand yard store.
  • First, if your pots don’t have holes on the bottom you will need to drill holes with a power drill so the water can drain and the plant roots won’t rot. 
  • Then scrub them with Full Circle’s Grunge Buster scrub brush and an ecofriendly, biodegradable all-purpose cleaner like,  BioKleen.  This removes any pests and disease from the pots so your plants start off healthy.
  • Fill  each pot halfway with Cedar Grove’s nutrient rich compost.  This will help retain moisture  in your container so the plants don’t dry out.  Some gardeners add a bit of organic perlite to their mixture, however we chose not to and kept it simple. 
  • Next organize your organic herbs and veggies from Swansons Nurseryinto groups based on their needs for sunlight, water, as well as texture.  The goal is to make sure that you have like with like so all the plants that need sun are in pots with other plants that need sun.  I also like my pots to look as great as they taste.  By adding different colors, textures in leaves, and heights it will make your pots visually interesting too.
    • Tip:  Always buy the smallest plant available at the nursery, they are often drastically cheaper and grow quickly.  Afterall, the goal is to watch them grow.
  • Start planting each pot spacing them according to the directions on the tab and fill in around the roots with Cedar Grove’s 100% natural potting soil. 
  • Water your fabulous new potted garden to help the roots start establishing in their new home.
  • Lastly, enjoy the “fruits” of your labor.