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Adirondack Chairs ~ The Generation Line

We have been lounging on our eco-fabulous Adirondack chairs by C.R. Plastic Products every day possible this spring.  These ergonomically designed chairs are as comfortable as they are stylish.  The Generation Line is plastic, but not the flimsy, lightweight, stackable chairs that are seen on most decks.  They have reinvented the classic wood Adirondack chair into a green product crafting it with solid “plastic lumber” that will last for decades.  Of course this just isn’t any plastic being used, it is unwanted material that is destined for a landfill, but instead being recycled into a sturdy plastic.  This also means that the end-user doesn’t have to worry about splitting, cracking, rotting, or peeling wood that the elements would have on traditional Adirondack chairs.

You can choose from an array of 15 different designer colors and you don’t have to worry about them cracking, peeling, rotting, or splitting.   We chose the gorgeous bright orange that is not only my favorite hue, but it pops against the green garden.  It was easy to assemble with two people and the You Tube video the company posted to assist makes it even more simple.

C.R. Plastic Products has been creating beautiful, functional designs from recycled  plastics since 1994. Their eco-friendly operation has expanded from a small family business to selling their eco-friendly products worldwide. Creating new goods made from recycled materials helps to conserve finite resources and lessen our waste.  As we, at Living Aware, have advocated to our faithful readers, if we all purchase recycled products we all keep the green cycle turning.   We are elated that C.R. Plastic Products shares our same ideals.  We appreciate their quality, hand-crafted, maintenance free, durable, environmentally friendly products and their chic, classic design.  If you’re in the market for outdoor furniture, this is the place to go.


Sold! To …. ~ Pacific Galleries

Telling you about Pacific Galleries is bittersweet.  It is one of those gems that you just don’t want to let out of the bag, but you are our faithful readers and deserve to know about the best places to find fabulous goods.  The “Pac Gal” Antique Mall is located on the south side of downtown Seattle and is open 7 days a week.  The showroom has aisles upon aisles of furniture picked up from estate sales, garage sales, salvaged pieces from buildings and schools.  It is a treasure of one of kind pieces that are perfect to recycle and reuse in your home or office.

The even bigger secret is the auctions on most weekends.  There is nothing I love more than getting up, brewing a fresh cup of (organic, fair or direct trade) coffee and going to a Pacific Galleries auction on a Sunday morning.  The room is full of well-made pieces of furniture, artwork, decor and trinkets that are often sold at some amazingly low prices.  If you can’t pry yourself from a day with the family you can preview the auction on Friday or Saturday and place a silent bid on any and all items you can’t live without at the front desk. 

Go, be green, reuse, buy something with some patina, save some money.

Light The Way ~ Earth Month with Aveda

We are loving this ecofabulous, 100% naturally derived soy wax candle called Light The Way™ by Aveda.  It is infused with organic lavender and other pure flower and plant extracts that give it a beautiful light fragrance that isn’t overbearing.   The holder of our new candle is made out what were once wine cooler bottles.

The best part about the Light The Way™ candle is that proceeds from the purchases benefit families worldwide since 2007.  The Global Greengrants have affected the  lives of 25,000 families worldwide by assisting with water projects, training thousands of people in sustainable and organic agriculture methods; helping communities implement local water resource management plans; enabling 100 communities to take action against toxic industrial pollution and hundreds of other projects that have helped protect water rights and water access around the world.

The price is a mere $12 and is the perfect Earth Day gift.  I picked mine up at my favorite Aveda salon, Gary Manuel or if you aren’t in the area you can of course order it online.

Simple Scent Candles

I have been buying these Simple Scent candles from Butter Home as gifts, for my house and office like they may vanish from the Earth any moment.   The juniper is divine and the lemon verbena is so clean and fresh.  The candles are all hand poured in small batches of 100% Soy into adorable mason jars.  They burn for 50-60 hours and the $16 price tag won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Glassybaby is a Ray of Light

A Glassybaby is a small colored glass cup that can be used for a candle, as a vase, for wine, or whatever you prefer.  They are virtually indestructible and individually handmade by a talented group of artisans here in Seattle.  One of the things I adore most about them is the colors they come in and the light that comes through them with a candle inside, it’s simply gorgeous.  The other is that Glassybaby has given a substantial amount of money towards, “charities and organizations that are dedicated to health, healing, and quality of life.”

Eco-Wise Wool

I am so happy we stumbled onto Pendleton Woolen Mills and their sustainable Eco-Wise Wool collection.  We ordered a beautiful gray queen size blanket from the factory that has been Cradle to Cradle certified.  Cradle to Cradle, is a multi tiered ecolabel certification that was developed by MBDC, a global sustainability consulting and product certification firm.  It is obtained by meeting strenuous criteria for human and environmental safety and our new blanket meets and/or exceeds these standards.  To simplify this even more, our cozy new blanket can be “recycled or composted as a healthy soil additive”, which is music to my ears.   Classic, chic style, cozy, environmentally and socially responsible = WINNER!

Grow Baby Grow .. then BLOOM

My fabulous sister and sister-in-law will be adding to the population with their own little beautiful creations in the very near future. This sent me on a mission to find the absolute best (obvious first time Aunt) for my little bundles of joy.  On a recent weekend jaunt to San Fran we stumbled into a baby boutique called Giggle and discovered the Bloom Baby Alma crib.  I, at first, fell in love with the sleek modern design and its vibrant orange color but lo and behold it is SUPER ecofriendly!  Bloom baby was developed by “four overprotective men” and they didn’t miss a beat with the organic crib mattress and sheets to fit.

We love cozy, beautiful spaces that are utilized to the fullest and the mini crib fits that lifestyle perfectly.  If you believe in occupying quarters the size of Versailles, with a modern flair, the full size will fit you perfectly (P.S. cozy is the “in” thing).

The Red Hot Sailor Turns Green

The time-honored Navy Chair has become red-hot all over again since Coca-Cola, pushed Emeco, the manufacturer of the classic chair, to use PET soda bottles for the new lightweight design.  The 111 Coke bottles that are used to produce the chair make it as comfortable as it is attractive and modern.  The array of different colors to choose from allows you to add its sleek design to any room, of course we think the green is super sexy.  We first saw this hip piece at Design Within Reach showroom.