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Posts from the ‘Ecofriendly Parties & Gifts’ Category

Wishing Lanterns

We love the idea of lighting up the night sky at a party with these Wishing Lanterns.  The sky candles come in white or an assortment of colors and are perfect for any outdoor celebration.  When the fuel cell inside the lantern is lit, the heat causes the lanterns to rise into the air for up to 20 minutes and up to a mile in the air. When the fuel cell runs out, the flame is extinguishes and the lantern falls back to the ground.  The best part is that the sky lanterns are made with biodegradable materials, so you don’t have to worry about the waste it leaves behind, unlike balloons. 


Price $59 for 10 Wishing Lanterns


Simple Scent Candles

I have been buying these Simple Scent candles from Butter Home as gifts, for my house and office like they may vanish from the Earth any moment.   The juniper is divine and the lemon verbena is so clean and fresh.  The candles are all hand poured in small batches of 100% Soy into adorable mason jars.  They burn for 50-60 hours and the $16 price tag won’t burn a hole in your wallet.