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Brilliance Heard at Living Future 2012

The Living Future Conference was not lacking in the attendance of brilliant leaders and speakers sharing their stories in work, life, and the living world.  Men and women flocked from cities around the world to Portland, OR to come together for an array of reasons but one common cause, to make the world a better place.  Through the several people we met and the numerous sessions we participated in we picked up some great bullet points some obvious but still need to be thought about again and shared with you.

  • Transparency is key to innovation.  In the example of the new Brooks Running headquarters in Seattle, the developer, Skanska, was transparent with them about cost per square foot, what the investor needed to see on the return for the development to be viable, and the developers goals in making a successful brand statement of a Living Building for them.  The two entities have put their trust into each other to make a state-of-the-art building for a  healthier community for the occupants and those that surround it.
  • Risk doesn’t have to be bad, risk can have amazing positive outcomes too. 
  • It is a  disservice to your client and ultimately their client by not pushing innovation and creating the same old energy-inefficient product for the market.  Adding more “safe” product to the market actually devalues what you’ve repeated, take a good risk, do something better.
  • Bean counting gets in the way of action.
  • Don’t just be green or talk about being green to those that you think want to hear it.  Start a conversation with someone new or that you think wouldn’t be interested, you would be surprised at the connections and how far deep that can penetrate.  Think about your next suggestion at your book club, discussing your favorite ecofriendly beauty products and of course spreading Living Aware to everyone you know.
  • In real estate, you’re foolish for choosing an inefficient building or home.
  • Seek out an EcoDistrict for your neighborhood, it makes sense.  Risk is good and it is a positive opportunity to organize and bring together a community.
  • Life is the process of becoming you.
  • Passion is key for any entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Have patience and solve the long-term problem.
  • Where women flourish, families flourish.  When the families flourish the community flourishes.
  • Build value in yourself, your business, and your ideas through collaboration.
  • A building is part of “healthcare”.  There is a direct connection between your health and the building you inhabit and the home you sleep in.
  • Be innovative, take a risk, it is okay to fail, do something better for you, your family, community, and business.

We hope these tokens of wisdom empower you, like they invigorate us.  Now go, conquer today and change your world.


Tips to Keep Your Face Looking Young

If you want your face to keep its youthful appearance here are a few tips from our fountain. 

  • Don’t chew gum, choose a mint instead.  The motion of chewing gum causes your jaw muscles to enlarge besides looking tacky.
  • Consume lots of water to keep your skin and body nourished.
  • Avoid drinking from a straw, the puckering causes wrinkles around your mouth.  The same wrinkles caused from smoking a cigarette, obviously a bigger no-no.
  • Sleep on your back so you are not smooshing your face every night for 7 to 8 hours.
  • Wash your face every night, even if it is just with a facial wipe to remove oil and dirt from your skin.
  • Sunblock, enough said.
  • Remember, You Are What You Eat, a healthy diet keeps your skin healthy and looking great.

Urban Yoga Spa ~ Seattle, WA

My favorite exercise for my body and mind is hot yoga and there is no better studio in all of Seattle than Urban Yoga Spa.   Their Power Vinyasa class is intense, difficult, and so very rewarding.  It is almost a contradiction on how relaxing and hard the hour-long session is.  Kathy, one of my favorite instructors, rhythmically instructs you through your positions with a flow that makes you zone in and your muscles shake.   The heat in the room releases toxins, tension, and stress while helping you to extend your ligaments and muscles.  Personally, I have never felt as fulfilled as I do when I’m in class regularly.  I sleep better, sit taller, have more flexibility and endurance, and my mood and self esteem improves.

Aesthetically, the large studios are modern with clean white walls and simple gray floors.  The front reception is a great place for classmates to gather to cool down and catch-up.  I’ve  heard the spa is amazing and will be trying it out in the near future, so look for our review to be out soon.   Urban Yoga Spa is in the heart of downtown  and if you come with a friend the first class is complimentary, so there are no excuses.